Mens Program

Freedom Challenge is a non-profit organization that helps men struggling with life-controlling addictions by leading them to Jesus Christ. We believe that the only lasting solution to these life-controlling problems is by our students recognizing a need for change, surrendering their former lifestyle, and developing an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The program is a minimum of 12 months long, and the men in the program dedicate their time to discipleship training and living for God.The Freedom Challenge program believes in developing new, Christian views and a strict work ethic, and students who do not conform to this new way of living are disciplined accordingly. This is a radical, new lifestyle for most of our students, and the discipleship process is too tough for most individuals to finish. Our students must have a sincere desire to change coupled with an open mind to Christian spiritual principles. We believe in loving our brother, but it is a tough love that incorporates biblical discipline on a daily basis. There is no monetary cost to enter our program- Freedom Challenge operates completely on charitable donations and fund-raising from our cross sales. Our goal is to create a place that can take individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and put them in a safe, controlled environment for an extended period of time with little or no cost to the family. We have some individuals with legal troubles who are court-ordered into our program, but it is not required for entry. If you are ready for God to supernaturally change your life please contact us. Please call (318) 669-1982 for more information on entering the Freedom Challenge Discipleship Program.