Freedom Challenge is based on the fact that human basic need is a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that when Jesus is genuinely received as Lord and Savior, a person's life will radically change. Our mission is to initiate the discipleship process in men who have life-controlling problems such as drugs and alcohol. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the main avenue to create true lasting changes in a person's life. Teaching disciples about Jesus Christ and leading them to salvation is the essential work at Freedom Challenge. Lives are transformed as men and women are introduced to the supernatural power and love of God that is stronger than the bondage of any chemical.

Devotions, Bible reading, and Chapels are essential elements of the discipleship process. In the early stages of the program, studies obtained from the Teen Challenge International curriculum are taught. These group studies cover many of the basic issues of discipleship training, basic Christian living, and Character development. The studies obtained from Teen Challenge International include Personal Studies for new Christians which begin to address a more personal approach to an individual's freedom from worldly desires. These studies consist of memorization, goal setting, and a personal insight into the discipleship process.